0003: Sharpen the Saw

Despite missing 2 days, I feel as creative and idea-laden as ever.  I was encouraged listening to the Wolf Den [podcast] interview this morning with James Altucher when he said that part of this exercise is to get out the bad ideas, and that most of the ideas he writes daily are bad.  Phew, gone are the shackles of perfectionism and guilded pride that may otherwise bridle my fingers and make me think this needs to be an hour or even 30 min. endeavor.  Maybe I should strip back all pretense and forego an intro, even.  Just Lists.   Today is random, I’ve been up since 3 am, and should have already done the list.  Now I’ll “invest time” on this task to help me get my mind focused on my day job.  Like Stephen covey says, you gotta find ways daily to sharpen the saw.

  1. Sell a package of motivational desktop background images – I spent a couple of hours compiling a bunch that are on auto-rotate to inspire me.  Maybe there are other maniacs like me who would happily pay $0.99 (or more) to download them instead of investing an hr to look around
  2. Shoe slippers that can easily go over bottom of your dress/work shoes to prevent the oh-so-annoying squeeking sound that happens when you walk on a clean tile floor (most often in an office) with compound rubber soles.
  3. Set a daily reminder to drink at least 1 liter of water first thing in the morning, and track your a) hydration b) alertness c)weight and other metrics to see what it improves over 30 days
  4. An app that allows people to leave private messages/videos for one person or a group of people as a legacy, training, or memory – would work for communication between a military parent and a child who is not easily reachable when the parent has an idea they want to share – could allow for time-delayed delivery (like, on your 16th birthday)
  5. Put a button on this website that allows readers to “like” and/or Upvote a specific idea – to come up with popular ideas by tracking reader feedback
  6. Put links into each daily list that highlight interesting podcast(s) I like lately or which are influencing my ideas/thoughts.
  7. Start a daily video-cast of the rundown of my ideas – host on Youtube or Vimeo – backlink to site, and find a way to have video comments also be embedded on that day’s list on the site.  over time, you should be able to see if it’s complimentary, or if it’s even a better medium for posts
  8. Create a simplified visual image of the daily list and post to instagram
  9. Condense daily list to only 1 tweet.  Conversely, set up a twitter schedule for each idea. track CTR and measure against other SM channels
  10. Create a solar-specific podcast that follows my journey to become the top solar developer in latin america (stated goal), and interviews top developers in other industries to find synergies a solar developer can apply to daily practice.  companion blog/e-book/course/etc.
the beginning.